Mgr. Adam Schmidt

Adam has a bachelor’s degree in social pedagogy from Charles University in Prague and a master’s degree in a follow-up specialization program in pedagogy, in the same field, at J. E. Purkyně University, focusing on applied psychology and addiction. During his studies, he became interested in psychotherapy and is currently a participant in accredited, deeply dynamically oriented pspt training within the SUR system.

In the past, he worked as a psychology teacher in high school, and also as a school teacher for children with special educational needs.

He later began to provide psychosocial counseling individually as well as working with families. He gained experience as a therapist for families at risk of domestic violence. He works individually and with groups.

„I was introduced to psychotherapy by the desire to understand my own experience, deeper self-knowledge, and especially the opportunity to help others orient themselves in their stories. Understanding one’s emotions are not easy. In my work, I focus on finding resources, that is, on what makes our lives or can make us happier. I try to be an understanding and sensitive guide, and trust and safe space are important to me. „

Adam is continuing his education. He continues with the self-experienced part of pspt training, also theory, and the supervisory part awaits him.

He loves nature, good food, music, film, his family and friends… .. and life.


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