Bc. Jiří Vacek, MBA

Jiří studied economics at the Prague Business School, Faculty of Psychotherapy PVŠPS in Prague, and completed accredited psychotherapeutic training in group psychotherapy (dasein analysis). He has also passed a number of certified courses and is a member of the Czech Dasein Analytical Society.

Jiří is engaged in individual, group, and couple psychotherapy, and has run a private practice for several years. He gained his experience in the psychiatric hospital in Červený Dvůr, then in the Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice, where he worked in the Dual Diagnosis Department of Pavilion No. 16.

He is responsible for the management of Clinic 2.

“I like meeting people and humbly working with them on their path to knowledge, freedom, truth, and healing. I have experience with addictions and their treatment – I have been abstaining from all addictive substances for 12 years. The closest to me is existential psychotherapy.”

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