Bruer Michael Ramon

Michael studied psychology in the USA, where he also received certification as a recovery coach for addicts and addictology interventions. He also completed the training of a smart recovery guide.

Michael is currently a participant in SUR psychotherapeutic training. In his practice, he emphasizes the sharing of personal experiences – he has 13 years of uninterrupted abstinence from addictive substances. He has been working at the NEO Center Addictology Clinic for 4 years.

The elements of the Neocenter program – psychotherapy, meditation practice, engaged spirituality and a holistic lifestyle – are the same tools that I utilize in my own recovery.  Guiding others through this process in an honest, direct and action based way is very meaningful to me. Seeing others who have also suffered from addiction recover and flourish in their lives provides great motivation. 

,,I always try to bring humor to the situation. Although addiction is a very serious matter, recovery can and should be fun. We can begin to enjoy our new, sober lives right from the beginning.”

Favorite book – Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism – Chogyam Trungpa


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