Mgr. Petra Kolovecká

Petra gained her experience as a therapist from, among other things, low-threshold centers or day centers, where she focused on individual and group psychotherapy, expressive techniques, and addiction counseling.

She was captivated by art therapy, breath work, and even the use of healing musical instruments during relaxation or meditation as such.

She can help you with addictions, depression, anxiety, or fears of various causes, he tries to facilitate the grieving process or struggle with a personal crisis. In her 20 years of experience, she has undergone various training such as SUR (community group psychotherapy), arte training, or a crisis intervention course.

“In my work, I approach a person from a holistic perspective – bio psycho socio and spiritual perception of a person. I perceive any illness as a manifestation of the call of a soul that is wounded and that we have not paid attention to and healing. In addition to expertise and knowledge, I use my intuition and wisdom from many personal experiences (with addictions, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or self-harm) including experience and wisdom from indigenous tribes or other alternative approaches.”

According to Petra, people can approach their addiction or any other illness as a blessing if they accept responsibility for their condition, understand what is happening, and decide to make changes or they can continue to be stuck in the cycle of suffering. The path of healing any disease is the path of healing one’s own heart, pain, traumas, and grieving that we often carry with us and that affect our inner and outer experiences and perceptions daily. It is necessary to work with a person holistically, to show him how important the connection of body – mind – heart – soul is.

Any imbalance or suppression of any component always manifests itself in the system = in the person. That’s why I believe that recovery is possible and achievable with the determination to work on yourself and ask yourself questions along with the courage, to be honest with yourself. It is a way to establish a relationship with yourself that is based on love, compassion, and understanding, and to care for this relationship as often as we care for others.

The depth of self-knowledge is only the choice of each individual Each person has his path and along with that Petra’s respect.


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