How to Start

Starting treatment with us is easy. The first step is contacting our team via the contact form. Nevertheless, the ideal way is to contact us by phone. We are available 24 hours a day at +420 770 143 385. Our specialists will answer all your questions and arrange an appointment with you.

During the appointment, we will focus on evaluating your problem and we will select/recommend optimal treatment for your situation. This meeting, as well as any subsequent treatment, is absolutely anonymous. If you are going to take part in individual therapy, we will agree on the preliminary intensity and times of meetings. In case you enter the inpatient treatment, you will agree on the date of arrival and receive the necessary documents and information.

A week prior to your scheduled arrival, we will accompany you to our contracted physician for a thorough medical examination. On the basis of the results, we will jointly determine the next procedure and assess whether it is necessary for you to undergo detoxification. This examination is very important as we approach the treatment in a comprehensive way and your physical condition is one of the important aspects of the process of recovery.