Inpatient Program

Our intensive inpatient program offers very effective therapy for various kinds of addiction. The program combines the newest approaches of addiction therapies with the more traditional method of the twelve steps. Vipassana meditation plays a very important part in the program, which is unique.

Our approach is guided by respect for the unique features of each client’s life story. Although experience shows that different types of addictions do have some common elements, we do not perceive the addiction according to rigid templates. The goal of the inpatient program is to help our clients find and understand critical places in their lives that most probably fuel their addictive behavior.

Acceptance of the consequences of our addiction and dealing with the feelings of guilt associated with them is an important task of therapy at our facility.

Therefore, each client moves at an individual pace in his/her program and has his/her own topics, which emerge gradually.

The small size of the group within in our residential program allows for more efficient and intensive work.

The program runs in a chamber environment where each client’s anonymity is ensured.