Mgr. Eliška Vavrušová

  • Qualified Addictologist
  • Psychotherapist in our Outpatient and Residential program
  • Sport and Leisure Activities

Eliška Vavrušová received her graduate degree in Addictology from the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. She has been working in the field of addiction since 2009. During her professional career, she has worked in various facilities: the Methadone Substitution Center, the Center for Drug Services in Prison, and the Addictology Outpatient Clinic. In addition to her work, she has also participated in , completed an internship abroad, lectures on primary prevention at elementary schools, and participates in expert conferences as a lecturer.


In her free time, Eliška is a very active person and thinks that filling one’s leisure time with activities that bring us joy is very much needed in today’s hectic way of life. She helps clients to deal with encountering free time and discover ways to spend it.

Regarding addiction, she says: “I see the addiction as a huge opportunity for personal growth, it just needs to be grasped and controlled.”