MUDr. Jana Novotná

After graduating from the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in 2005, Jana Novotná worked for 10 years at the Horní Beřkovice Psychiatric Hospital, where she went through almost all departments as an attending physician-psychiatrist. She passed her psychiatric certification in 2011 and became rooted in the Addiction Treatment Department at Horní Beřkovice Psychiatric Hospital for several years. In this field she continued as a psychiatrist in the specialized out-patient clinic of the non-governmental organization Sananim, where she devoted herself to clients with so-called dual diagnoses and the treatment of associated or chronic psychological problems (especially anxiety and depressive conditions) and substitution treatment for opiate addiction.

From 2007 to 2011, Jana underwent training in Gestalt Psychotherapy at the Brno Institute of Dialog, then during 2016-2019 she continued further training in this area. In her therapeutic work, she combines pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacological therapeutic procedures, and she espouses a holistic view of human health. Jana’s aim is to encourage the client to actively seek their own path to greater life freedom and satisfaction.

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