Libor Votruba

 Libor is the owner of Taiko, the restorer, and operator of the Žluté lázně complex, and co-founder of the NEO Centrum. Above all, he is also a great example of how the fight against addiction can be successfully won. His personal experience was the main motivation for establishing these clinics which offer their clients a comfortable environment, discretion, and qualified therapists. He built the building blocks of the foundations of the NEO Centrum with open heart and big motivation.

He is already 10 years sober.

Their paths have split, but the NEO Centrum continues to develop. Libor’s determination and desire to create a place in Prague that, in his personal experience in the fight against addictions, he lacked so much in the Czech Republic, drives his vision forward.

He has been living a sober life since 2012. He completed his treatment at a clinic similar to ours, in South Africa. In 2014, he co-founded Tisarana, the Vipassana Meditation Center in Prague, of which he is the chairman and largest donor.

He has spent thousands of hours meditating and working on himself. With his experience and regained strength, actively helping to treat people with similar problems.

NEO Centrum takes it as a matter of heart and tries to imprint this approach on all NEO Centrum services.

You will meet him at Clinic 1 and Clinic 2, during meditations during treatment, or at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous

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