Addiction Treatment

Counselling is an important step to consider for anyone who senses that addiction is becoming an issue in their life. It may be that your life has not yet been fundamentally impaired; however, if you feel as though it could be so, then it is advisable to look for advice right away.

What does Addiction Treatment entail?

Addictology is a transdisciplinary science which deals with addictions, whether we are speaking about addiction to addictive substances or about what we call non-substance addictions. Addictology brings together knowledge from various fields, such as Biology, Psychology, Medicine and Sociology. Addictology deals with the prevention, origin and treatment of additions, as well as with research, counselling and other aspects of the study of addictions.

If you choose to receive treatment for an addiction, you and one of our experts will start with an investigation, mapping out your current life situation and looking for the causes of any problems, their development and their duration. We will also focus on ways for you to eliminate or reduces the stressors and triggers and your reactions to them; for you to set up a lifestyle that is better for you; and for you to develop approaches to sustain the new lifestyle.

NEO Center offers an outpatient program and a residence treatment program with outpatient follow-up treatment. You will be able to determine which therapy is the most suitable for you. Our therapists will accompany you through the whole process in a safe and discreet atmosphere.

If you are interested in more detailed information about the Addiction Treatment Program at NEO, please visit the News section, where there is a separate article about this topic.

Pricing for this Service

Sessions may be purchased on a per-session basis or in bundles of 10 sessions. Purchasing a package of 10 sessions provides a 10% discount. With this package you only pay for 9 sessions and the 10th session is free. Each session lasts 50 minutes. 

The price per session with one therapist is 1900 CZK.

Specialists for this Service

Mgr., MgA. Markéta Čermáková

Outpatient Clinic Director, Psychotherapist, Psychologist

PhDr. Kateřina Marklová

Professional Director / Head of Therapy, Clinic 1 Director, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Bc. Jiří Vacek, MBA

Clinic 2 Director, Therapist

Bruer Michael Ramon


Mgr. Miroslava Pešlová

Clinical Psychologist, Therapist

Mgr. Nina Zvingerová

Adictologist, Therapist

Ondřej Dočekal


Mgr. Adéla Zenina

Adictologist, Therapist