Addiction to Gaming

This addiction usually starts out as harmless entertainment but gets out of control over time. The joy of gaming turns into a nightmare, and gaming starts to eclipse all other interests and day-to-day activities. One fails to stop even when there are obvious negative consequences, both physical and psychological. One's sense of being alive emerges only when the game console is turned on; yet, at the very same time, time itself seems to be swallowed up and actual life is as though slipping away, as the difference between online and offline reality blurs. Treatment for gaming addiction uses a similar approach as is used to treat substance addiction because they have similar patterns of development and symptoms progression. One is not addicted directly to the games themselves, but rather to the experiences that are stimulated by gaming, just as happens through the process of becoming addicted to a drug.

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Specialists for this Service

Mgr., MgA. Markéta Čermáková

Outpatient Clinic Director, Psychotherapist, Psychologist

Bc. et Bc. Markéta Bolková

Addictologist, Therapist

Bc. Jiří Vacek, MBA

Director of Clinic 2, Therapist

Bruer Michael Ramon
Bc. et Bc. Radek Němec

Addictologist, Therapist

Bc. et Bc. Radek Němec
Adiktolog, Terapeut

Treatment Options

NEO Centrum offers its clients two avenues for obtaining help:  through our Outpatient Clinic (including in-person or online sessions) and through our comprehensive, in-residence treatment programs offered at our resident treatment facilities. The choice depends on the specific needs of the clients, the type of difficulties they face and the intensity of the approach they are able to devote themselves to. We offer services at our residence clinics for Czech-speaking and English-speaking clients.

Residence Clinics

Modern, intimate and pleasant facilities located in a remote part of Prague, designed for a select number of clients.

Outpatient Care

The NEO Centrum outpatient clinic offers you immediate assistance with your problems through individual, group, couple and family therapy, counselling and coaching sessions.