Addiction to Gambling

Gambling and games of chance – in some cases, these are part of our lives and a way to spend free time. But if such games involve gambling with money or assets, addiction to slot machines or betting, it is a problem that could have a terrible impact on people's lives. In the case of gambling, the outcome of the game depends entirely or mainly on chance. One may end up risking not only one’s property, financial stability and general peace of mind, but that of one’s family members’ as well.

One may also run the risk of becoming subject to harassment from lenders or, worse, threatened or even physically harmed by unsavory creditors. In sum, gambling can have a grave impact on one’s social, economic and physical health. Because of frequent indebtedness resulting from gambling losses, this situation may seem entirely impossible to fix. If such a problem affects you or anyone close to you, we recommend that you seek professional help as a matter of priority and as an important step towards a lasting solution.

What is the treatment for an addiction to gambling?

Treating an addiction to slot machines or other gambling activities can be successful. The first step is to consider even just the possibility of treatment. If you decide to seek help, you are already on the right track. Gambling can affect badly not only your life, but also the lives of your loved ones.

At NEO Centrum, your inquiries are treated with utmost confidentiality. We treat each of our clients completely individually and take measures to protect our clients’ privacy throughout any treatment process. Starting with our first one-on-one consultation, we carefully evaluate a client’s condition and offer a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and condition. In the fight against an addiction to alcohol, we offer both outpatient and resident treatment. However, before agreeing on a form of cooperation, we discuss in depth with the prospective client the nature of their problem and what best course treatment can NEO Centrum offer to the client.

Residence treatment includes an intensive psychotherapy program that combines the latest approaches in addiction therapy with traditional practices. We use the world-renowned 12-step self-help method of Alcoholics Anonymous. While we are not affiliated with AA in any way, we believe in AA’s 12 steps and their power to transform lives. This approach can also be applied to so-called non-substance addictions. The stay includes Vipassana meditation, which is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic. Meditation teaches us the ability to look inside ourselves, find peace and orient ourselves in our own emotions and thoughts.

During the treatment we are engaged in individual and group therapy and relapse prevention. Group therapy provides an environment for sharing problems, emotions and thoughts with others who are also in treatment, giving the client insight as well as feedback on their own behavior. As part of the treatment, clients with different addictions may be encouraged to interact. All addictions have common elements and in our experience it is beneficial for clients to work with them together.

What are the symptoms of an addiction to slot machines or other gambling activities?

A compulsive gambling addiction, whether your own or that of a loved one, can be challenging to recognize. Two questions are essential:

  • Have you ever had to lie to people who are important to you about how much you gamble?
  • Have you felt the need to keep playing for ever larger stakes?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, it is advisable to seek professional help.

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Specialists for this Service

PhDr. Kateřina Marklová

Professional Director / Head of Therapy, Clinic 1 Director, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Bc. Jiří Vacek, MBA

Director of Clinic 2, Therapist

Michael Ramon Bruer


Mgr. Adam Schmidt


Mgr. Nina Zvingerová

Addictologist, Therapist

Mgr. Adéla Zenina

Addictologist, Therapist

Treatment Options

NEO Centrum offers its clients two avenues for obtaining help:  through our Outpatient Clinic (including in-person or online sessions) and through our comprehensive, in-residence treatment programs offered at our resident treatment facilities. The choice depends on the specific needs of the clients, the type of difficulties they face and the intensity of the approach they are able to devote themselves to. We offer services at our residence clinics for Czech-speaking and English-speaking clients.

Residence Clinics

Modern, intimate and pleasant facilities located in a remote part of Prague, designed for a select number of clients.

Outpatient Care

The NEO Centrum outpatient clinic offers you immediate assistance with your problems through individual, group, couple and family therapy, counselling and coaching sessions.