Katarína Bírešová

Katarina studied nursing in London, with a subsequent specialisation in clinical neuro care. She is currently completing her social work studies with a focus on applied psychotherapy at the Prague School of Psychosocial Studies – where she is also in daseinsanalytic psychotherapy training.

She has gained work experience as a nurse in the NHS in London (many years working in acute neurosurgery), in the acute ward in Bohnice, as a therapist in the psychosomatic clinic ESET in a residential unit for borderline personality disorder.

Years ago, due to her own severe anxiety with medication overuse, she started to look inward and find ways to work with her own mind. She spent months in Vipassana meditation at a monastery in Thailand, where she later worked as an assistant and teacher, trained as a yoga teacher in India, and as a MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) trainer and MBRP (Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention) facilitator in the UK. In recent years she has been active as a Vipassana meditation teacher, mindfulness trainer and therapist.

Her work is grounded in kindness and trust in the mind’s ability to heal; this alone has helped her in her own journey out of anxiety, drug addiction, toxic relationships and in her work with the sick and dying.