Find a direction to take or a way to handle situations as they arise. With the help of coaching, you will learn about new tools to reach your potential and strengthen your responsibility and confidence.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a practical method suitable for addressing life or professional situations where the client needs to orientate themself in their current and specific situation and to find a direction in which to move forward or a better way to manage the situation. This involves enabling and making actual changes. The coach is the client’s guide in this change and, in addition to supporting the client in its implementation, also teaches the client those techniques which can help them to shape life to their satisfaction – the so-called self-coaching. With coaching, the client starts to use his/her potential more, improves his/her perception of reality and strengthens his/her responsibility and belief in himself/herself. Coaching can be used both for active problem solving and for expanding the client’s competences, which he/she will use in relationships, work, his/her own experience and coping with various situations.

Although coaching is one method that can be applied to the whole spectrum of life areas, sometimes a division is used, depending on what topics the client’s assignment concerns. Coaching can focus on life (life coaching) or career (career coaching).

What does Professional or Career Coaching offer?

Do you need to better manage your work agenda, find a balance between your personal and professional life, move up in your job or even change it? With career coaching, you can jumpstart your job satisfaction.

The client may address work topics such as performance enhancement, setting and meeting work goals, career growth, career advancement in their engagement. Often it can also be about acquiring competencies that are used primarily at work, such as the ability to lead a team, manage a set agenda, present in public and succeed with time management. In these areas, coaching is often complemented by mentoring. Many topics, such as work-life balance, leadership and the art of communication, affect both the personal and professional spheres of life.

What does Life Coaching offer?

Do you not know what to do in certain situations of everyday life and feel the need to become more grounded or better oriented? Are you able to resolve conflicts in your family relationships and in your personal life? Your coach will help you to organize your priorities and guide you towards making desired or necessary changes.

Pricing for this Service

Sessions may be purchased on a per-session basis or in bundles of 10 sessions. Purchasing a package of 10 sessions provides a 10% discount. With this package you only pay for 9 sessions and the 10th session is free. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

The price per session with one therapist is 1 900 CZK (2 299 CZK incl. VAT).  

Specialists for this Service

Mgr. Miroslava Pešlová

Psychologist, Therapist

Mgr. Irena Pilařová, MBA

Coach, Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Mgr. Petra Kolovecká