On-line Therapy

Therapy sessions from home, from the office or from another city: If, for any reason, you cannot see your therapist in person, on-line therapy is a convenient solution. Distance is no longer an obstacle to getting quality therapeutic care.

How does On-line Therapy work?

Having a therapy session on-line presents a practical and at the same time very effective alternative to a classical one-on-one therapy session when it is not possible to have the session in person. Regular on-line sessions or a regular combination of on-line and in-person sessions may be arranged.  Although with online therapy the client and therapist do not physically share a common physical space, which is important in therapy, our therapists seek to create the continuity and closeness on-line and have found this to be effective. On-line therapy is an effective solution to various situations, such as a one-time consultation, a first interview in preparation for entering treatment in residence or for on-going individual treatment, as a continuation of residence therapy, as a supplement to individual therapy in an outpatient clinic, or when physical distance does not permit in-person sessions.

Pricing for this Service

Sessions may be purchased on a per-session basis or in bundles of 10 sessions. Purchasing a package of 10 sessions provides a 10% discount. With this package you only pay for 9 sessions and the 10th session is free. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

The price per session with one therapist is 1900 CZK.

Specialists for this Service

PhDr. Kateřina Marklová

Professional Director / Head of Therapy, Clinic 1 Director, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Bc. Jiří Vacek, MBA

Director of Clinic 2, Therapist

Michael Ramon Bruer


Mgr. et MA Tereza Uhlířová


Mgr. Adam Schmidt


Mgr. Irena Pilařová, MBA

Coach, Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Mgr. Nina Zvingerová

Adictologist, Therapist

Mgr. Adéla Zenina

Addictologist, Therapist