Family Therapy

At the heart of this therapy stands the proposition that the family system is a unique and inimitable whole, with its peculiar rules and specific dynamics. Anyone whom the family considers a member of the family can participate in the family therapy sessions.

What does Family Therapy offer?

Occasional conflicts and challenging situations tend to be common in the family, but sometimes you may be left clueless in dealing with such a problem. Whether the family’s difficulties manifest themselves most conspicuously in one of the family members (e.g. substance abuse or mental illness) or the family is going through a challenging life situation (e.g., divorce), we can help the family to navigate such difficulties and to escape the traps of harmful blaming and victimhood. The therapist’s role is to serve the family members as a neutral and respectful facilitator and counselor.

The therapist can help to initiate a change in the family as to the way its members communicate and to help them look beyond seemingly intractable situations. The aim of therapy is above all to foster mutual respect between family members and a sense of security for open and honest discussion.

We also offer the possibility to work with a therapist pair (one female, one male), which can help ensure gender balance and richness in perspectives during the therapy.

Pricing for this Service

Sessions may be purchased on a per-session basis or in bundles of 10 sessions. Purchasing a package of 10 sessions provides a 10% discount. With this package you only pay for 9 sessions and the 10th session is free. Each session lasts 80 minutes.

The price per session with one therapist is 2800 CZK.

The price of per session with two therapists is 3900 CZK.

Specialists for this Service

Mgr., MgA. Markéta Čermáková

Outpatient Clinic Director, Psychotherapist, Psychologist

PhDr. Kateřina Marklová

Professional Director / Head of Therapy, Clinic 1 Director, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Bc. Jiří Vacek, MBA

Ředitel Kliniky 2, Terapeut

Mgr. Irena Pilařová, MBA

Coach, Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Mgr. Miroslava Pešlová

Clinical Psychologist, Therapist

Mgr. Evžen Nový