Mgr. et Bc. Markéta Bolková

Markéta Bolková graduated from a medical secondary school to qualify as medical assistant, and she is still involved in this profession to a small extent. She has put her medical secondary school education to good use while working as a nurse at a nursing home, which includes a special facility devoted to patients suffering from dementia.

Markéta continued further studies at the Faculty of Education, University of Hradec Králové, where she concentrated on Social Pathology and its prevention. Thereafter, she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Addictology from the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. During her studies at Charlies University, she was a volunteer in the organization Prostor plus o.p.s. in Kolín, specifically in the K-centrum (contact center) and outreach programs. Afterwards, she acquired further work experience in the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice, first on the 7th Ward, care unit for women being treated for addictive substances      and then on the 16th Ward, care unit for patients with dual diagnoses.

 Markéta’s dedication to her professional life mission of helping others is fueled by her strong humanitarian disposition and worldview and her desire to change pervasive views and attitudes regarding problems of addiction.

She offers her clients an open, honest, professional and caring approach and is ready to help them with their primary addiction issues.

Markéta’s Life Motto:  Everyone is unique.

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